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Since 1999, Cheznique LTD has been taking the beauty industry by storm, providing clients with a wide variety of Alternative Medicine as well as Beauty Treatments and Products. As one of the Leading Business inCheshire, we believe in providing the best of the best to all our clients. Please browse our site, and feel free to get in touch with any questions you may have.



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At Cheznique Ltd, alternative medicine, holistic therapy as well as beauty is the priority. We like to provide a Second to None Service that cannot be provided at one centre else where. Since starting out in 1999, the focus has been to match each client up with the right combination of Holistic Therapy, Alternative Medicine and or a combination of beauty products and services to help them feel and look their best. The time has come to turn that inner beauty inside out - what are you waiting for?

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Holistic Therapy, Beauty, along with Alternative Medicine can go a long way at Cheznique Ltd

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At Cheznique Ltd it’s our Goal to Relieve your Stress as well as make you feel beautiful all in house. We endeavour to treat each client accordingly to there needs and provide holistic therapy and beauty to relieve stress and tension.
We know we all live busy lifestyles in this 21 century and so we offer packages to allow each client to change there life accordingly to ease there daily stress levels, as to help them to unwind whether with meditation or another technique which is best suited to there needs. It’s imperative that each client has peace of mind and can put there trust in the services that we offer, we trust that they have come to the right place to receive great therapies as well as unwind.

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At Our Establishment we offer a service that cannot be found anywhere else in the UK.We pride in a natural holistic lifestyle which can benefit the individual in multiple ways. It’s not always easy to relive the pressures of everyday life but you can be best assured you can trust us to help you along the way. Whether you would like to unwind with an Indian Head Massage or Reflexology, loose a few pounds with a diet or regime that will help you to shed weight gain in a healthy way to best suit your needs. Have a manicure with nail art or make up done for a special occasion Cheznique Ltd can provide you with great services as well as advice from trusted practitioner who has researched many industries to ensure she can provide a world renowned services.

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